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Glibc locale subpackaging Summary. This change should make it possible to install or uninstall locales individually. Owner. Name: Mike Fabian, Siddhesh Poyarekar. Created Date: 10/17/ PM. Foundations of Multithreaded, Parallel, and Distributed Programming Cover photo taken near Flora, Norway by Philippe Colombi. Click image for a larger version. Дом и семья; Мир можно ли поесть своей еды в каком-нибудь кафе и что из этого выйдет лег в. 04/12/ · December 4, A team led by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) successfully demonstrated powered flight of the HiSentinel stratospheric airship at an altiАвтор: Mike Hanlon.

December 4, A team led by Southwest Research Institute SwRI successfully demonstrated powered flight of the HiSentinel stratospheric airship at an altitude of 74, feet. The foot-long airship carried a pound equipment pod and propulsion system when it became only the second airship in history to achieve powered flight in the stratosphere.

Designed for launch from remote sites, these airships will not require large hangars or special facilities.

Unlike most stratospheric airship concepts, HiSentinel is launched flaccid with the hull only partially inflated with helium. As the airship rises, the helium expands until it completely inflates the hull to the rigid aerodynamic shape required for operation.

Sponsored by the U. Army Space and Missile Defense Command, the flight was the culmination of a six-month preparation effort.

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SwRI designed the airship and provided the telemetry, flight control, power and propulsion systems. Aerostar International fabricated the hull and participated in the integration and test flight.

AFRL developed the innovative launch system, provided facilities, and supported the launch and recovery.

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Each of the four organizations contributed funding, manpower, equipment and facilities for the collaborative effort. CHHAPP is a spiral development program for a family of long-endurance autonomous solar-electric, stratospheric airships. These low-cost systems will be capable of lifting small- to medium-payloads 20 to pounds to near-space altitudes for durations of longer than 30 days for communications, military and science applications.

The project, titled HiSentinel, is focused on developing small near-space airships for inexpensive tactical communications and Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance ISR applications.

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Moquist said. Future test flights will include multi-day missions with solar power and demonstration of the SwRI autonomous station-keeping autopilot. Once operational, the system may be deployable by local commanders in theater operations.

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Curiosity rover detects unusual spikes of methane on Mars. First detection of polarized radio waves from gamma ray burst sheds light on collapsing stars.

Sublime snaps from the Astronomy Photographer of the Year shortlist. LightSail 2 CubeSat launches next week to test photon propulsion system that could take us interstellar.

NASA probe enters the tightest orbit ever around a planetary object. ESA announces triple-spacecraft mission to intercept an incoming "dynamically new" comet. Ditching mirrors for plastic prisms will make for much smaller, more powerful X-ray telescopes.

Martian clouds may be born of shredded meteorites. Editors Choice.

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    Pixel 3 and 3 XL. Motorola releases megapixel, 5G-upgradable moto z4. Over , people receive our email newsletter. Email address.